Beautiful. Natural. Connect. Breathtaking.


Barefoot Treasures Getaways Immersive Cultural Experiences (ICE) are hand-selected and offered 2-3 times per year. These journeys provide a unique way to immerse yourself into the day to day livelihood of Africa. The core of your experience is to connect with Africa. To listen to the stories from the Elders in the tribes and villages that we visit. You will learn the background of many traditions that have been passed down and transcended across the seas. Traditions that are still commonly used today. During our experience, you will do more than just observe, you will get involved and participate in learning how to make jewelry, musical instruments, utensils, recipes and much more that is indigenous to the areas we visit.

And you will experience pivotal moments as we visit UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Goree Island in Senegal and Cape Coast Castle in Ghana. You will learn of the advancement of Africa over the past 100 years by visiting Black-owned and operated establishments such as M'huri Wines in Cape Town, UAACC in Tanzania and Wandies Place in Johannesburg. Depending on the tour you might get an opportunity to attend an African Wedding or visit a Nigerian Nollywood film studio. There are endless things to culturally immerse yourself in Africa.


Want to get involved? BT Getaways has relationships with NGO organizations that welcome your volunteerism spirit to make a difference in the lives of youths and women.  


Most important you will build relationships that last a lifetime.

Won't you join us and connect with your roots and see what you discover.