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Barefoot Treasures Getaways Immersive Cultural Experiences (ICE) are hand-selected and offered 2-3 times per year. These journeys provide a unique way to submerge ourselves into the livelihood of day to day living in the countries we visit. They allow us to observe traditions passed down from generation to generation. One of the most exciting aspects of our adventures is listening to the stories from master story-tellers using phrases and African proverbs that are still commonly used today. We do more than just observe, we get involved and participate in learning how to make jewelry, musical instruments, utensils, batik along with various artworks and much more that is indigenous to the areas we visit.


How exciting it is to learn a new language or traditional dance that brings smiles and laughter to us and our teachers enabling us to create new friendships. And what better way to bond than to volunteer and contribute our talents, which are rewarding and so appreciated.


Join us and connect with your roots and see what you discover.

What makes an adventure memorable? It's the connection you make with people and nature. It's the feeling of belonging to something so extraordinary that it can't be put into words. Let BT Getaways take your body to the place that your mind has always been. Home. To the Motherland.

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