Barefoot Treasures Getaways, LLC

(BT Getaways) was created to show  Africa. To broaden our knowledge of peoples and cultures and traditions of this awesome continent. It is to bond with the blood of our ancestors. It is to push out the rubbish that we were taught and to discover our roots. It is an adventure worth exploring.

BT Getaways has kept the twinkle in the eyes of our travelers by carving out a niche as the foremost experts on Immersive Cultural Experiences in Africa.

By doing this, we are able to bring to you the real Africa. There is more to Africa than meets the eye. Africa is a continent that's made up of 54 countries. The uniqueness of these countries range from rainforests, deserts, natural waterfalls, beaches, metropolitan cities, tribal communities, Nollywood, industrial engineering, sustainable development,  and so much more...

Join Barefoot Treasures Getaways, LLC and together let's discover this hidden gem. Let's share stories of our adventures. Let's share meals and laughter and marvel at the beauty surrounding us. Let's become one with a continent that has contributed so much to the world.

BT Getaways invites you to join us on our adventures of Africa.

Kwa dhati,


We are proud to announce

Barefoot Treasures Getaways, LLC is the official travel agency for the

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