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For over 30 years, Barefoot Treasures Getaways LLC, has kept the twinkle in the eyes of our travelers by carving out a niche as the foremost experts on Immersive Cultural Experiences in Africa. 


Conscious travelers have a unique perspective. Many are looking to discover their roots or to understand cultures unlike their own. And, they want the comfort and luxury of having a experienced knowledgeable team to guide them. Whether you are new to travelling or a seasoned traveler, BT Getaways wants you to feel confident that every detail of your journey will be executed and made exciting and worry-free.


Barefoot Treasures Getaways has teamed with licensed and bonded, professional English-speaking tour guides, accommodations and transportation companies that will handle every aspect of your experience. And, we go one step further, BT Getaways trains our own group tour escorts to accompany your journey. Our trained expert is there for YOU. To assist you and the group with whatever needs and wants that might arise. Why? Because frankly, we want you to enjoy your journey and feel confident that we care. That's it!

Are you ready to go? Join us!

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We are proud to announce
Barefoot Treasures Getaways, LLC is the official travel agency for the
Bronze Kingdom in Orlando, FL

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